30mm Round Tube

Diameter: 30mm

Tube dimension (mm):  30*100 – 30*110 

Tube width (mm): 420 +/ -30

Volume capacity: 30ml – 40ml 

Material: PE

Layers: 1 – 5

Cap diameter: 28.40mm 

Capping: Screw on cap, screw on flip top cap, snap on cap

MOQ: 10000

Pharmaceutical Tubes

Van Nga provides numerous amounts of tube models for containing pharmaceutical products such as herbal cooling gel, soothing gel, burning healing cream, ointments, etc.  Soft plastic tubes are very popular to use for medicinal products.  Our tube size range from 19mm – 35mm and each piece can be produced starting from 1 – 5 layers. For more questions or other requirements, please contact us.
Van Nga
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